St. James Farm

It snowed all night and I was off on Monday for MLK day, so figured I’d take the Leica out to St. James farm to shoot some snow and get to know the camera a bit better. So shortly after sunrise off I headed with just the one camera and the 35mm.

Conditions weren’t ideal, the light was pretty flat, but I knew it would be, the forecast told me that much the night before. Still t he buildings at St.James farm offer their own colour, so figured it was worth a trip.

Unfortunately there is quite a bit of construction going on on the property, so alot of the buildings had evidence of building work around them that is impossible to photograph around. Still I came away with a couple of shots and a better understanding and appreciation of the Leica.

I then headed for Kline Creek Farm, another favourite that I hadn’t visited in a while. Glad I did head there, but more on that to follow!

Cheers Jonathan

Images taken with Leica M + Voigtlander Ultron 35mm f1.7

South Bull Barn - circa 1926

Milk House - circa 1926