Garfield Farm

Christmas is already but a distant memory. Even the snow has gone. Always a good time of year to reflect on the previous year and start making plans for the following year.

At the start of Christmas we payed a visit to Garfield Farm, somewhere I haven’t visited in about 10 years. Why did I leave it so long, what a great place to visit.

A little bit about Garfield farm. it is based around a inn, what is there not to like! This is not any old inn though. It is a 19th century inn, which by local standards is positively Jurassic! This inn unfortunately is no longer licensed as a alcohol serving inn, it is instead a well kept museum.

When originally built, before the railroads arrived, it served as a stopping point for travelers traveling west. It had a couple of rooms which could be rented on a first come first served basis, beyond that, you could rent a patch of hay covered floor for the night, the size of you patch of floor varied based on how busy they were that night, the busier the smaller the patch!

Unfortunately shortly after the inn was completed the iron horse arrived, its demise began.

Today it sits along the same dirt road, little has changed. If you visit, despite it being close to St. Charles, you cant see any other civilization around, its easy to transport yourself back to the inn in its hayday… especially on a cool winter evening like the evening we visited.

The inn and close by 19th century farm are now owned and up-kept by a local non profit organization through volunteer work and donations. Once a year they open the inn and farm for a taste of 19th century entertainment in the inn. The evening we attend, there was a civil war solider there, complete with his muskets and daggers, very authentic, well until he learned I was English and began talking to me in his Cornish (Cornwall, England) dialect where he originated from!

I plan not to leave it another 10 years between visits!