Closed Season

These were from back in October, our last camping trip of the 2013 season. To Starved Rock we returned for the second camping trip of the year. On one hand it seems so long since we were there in April for our inaugural trip with the popup camper. We’ve learnt so much since then and had some great times camping with the popup.

This was a great trip, as with the first visit of the year, we camped there with our good neighbors, and additionally this time we persuaded (extreme peer pressure works!) our next-door neighbors to venture away from tarmac and a 120v power supply for a few hours. Everyone made food for the evening and we ate and drank like kings! No-one felt guilty after an afternoons hiking amongst the fall colours of starved rock!

Roll on next spring for some more camping fun! For us, the season opener will be Starved Rock again, not too far from home, a good camp ground and good place to make sure everything is in ship shape for the rest of the camping year. And with that, I’d better get our campsite booked for next year!!